McClatchy Bros., Inc.


  • Quality Transportation

  • Safe, On-Time Deliveries
Locations in Midland and Houston


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Since 1944 McClatchy Bros. has been providing quality transportation services to the oilfield industry.

24 Hours, 7 Days a Week, Oversize Hauling, Full Truck Loads

Our Mission

Since 1944 McClatchy Bros. has been committed to providing our customers with quality transportation service. The company has been built on a strong reputation for safe, on-time deliveries and excellent oilfield service.


McClatchy Bros., Inc was established in 1944 as an oilfield trucking company. The company was founded by two brother D.A. McClatchy and C.V. McClatchy. Even after 62 years of continuous business, McCltachy Bros. remains a family owned business. McClatchy Bros. has some of the most experienced employees in the oilfield. Many have been with the company over 25 years and up to 48 years.